Immunity-Booster: Chaga Tea Latte

If you aren't on the chaga train yet, now's the time!

Chaga is a mushroom that grows mainly on birch trees and looks slightly like a lump of coal, but tastes way better, I promise. It's full of immune boosting properties and is also a super-adaptogen... and I am alllllllllll about the adaptogens lately.

Adaptogens have many surprising benefits but above all, they help our bodies adapt to change and are powerful in alleviating symptoms of stress and fatigue. For someone who's trying to cut down on caffeine, chaga is a great replacement with it's fatigue fighting properties and also because it actually doesn't taste too far off! The stronger the brew, the more of the coffee taste you'll get. You can brew chaga and drink it as is or... adapt... it your own way!

Clockwise from top: honey, powdered chaga, ashwaganda, cinnamon

Chaga Coconut Milk Latte


Brewed Chaga Tea

Coconut Milk




Ashwaganda (another magic super-adaptogen!)


Vanilla Protein Powder


Heat up your brewed chaga tea and add into blender with 1/4 coconut milk. You can also use a frother to mix it all together. I added ashwaganda to mine as well (pictured). Add in a teaspoon of honey and a dash of cinnamon and blend away.

There are a ton of ways you can get creative with this and make it your own. Let me know your tricks and favourites!

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