The Beginning!

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

This beginning has been a long time coming. I first had the idea to start this blog in 2012 in Bath, England. I was sitting in a small tea shop enjoying my earl grey and although I was totally in love with the culture and it was the beginning of my 4 month adventure, I found myself thinking about what I loved about home. Part one of the idea of this blog was under another name and was focused solely on local places, products, restaurants, and people. As my interests changed, I learned more, knew less, had new experiences, and kept procrastinating, I knew the original idea had to be altered. So, here we are, 6 years later with part two. My original passions for living a local-first lifestyle hasn't changed but I've also added my passions for creativity, art and holistic and wholistic wellbeing.

To me, creativity is a vital part of feeling whole wellness and I hope to be able to share some inspiration with you. My art, inspiration and creative adventures will be found in the 'Creative' page, as will a small curated shop with locally crafted goods. Workshops and pop-ups that I'm hosting as well as other interesting events will be found in the 'Events" page. On the blog you'll see stuff like recipes for matcha lattes, articles about adaptogens, cool new music I'm in to, favourite podcasts and and anything else that comes our way!

I developed Gold Sparrow as an outlet to share creative energy, to build a community, to collaborate with kindred spirits and to motivate myself and others to live with a goal of total body, mind, and soul wellness. I hope to portray life as authentically and honestly here in reel life as I actually am in real life. In real life, it's unnerving to be sharing snapshots of your life and journey with other people -friends or strangers- but I've found that some of the best experiences in life are those that we just dive in to and figure it out along the way.

Fire. Aim. Ready.

So here we go.. welcome to Gold Sparrow - Blog + Creative.

Thank you so much for coming! :)



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